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'til Dusk - awesome - Film (at the end of this feature)/music/intimate insight/gig review/feature

Introducing : 'til Dusk - Film (at the end of this feature)/music/intimate insight/gig review/feature

Thursday, July 19, 2011

check out this awesome new sound:

We had heard that Roger Daltrey had a good support band and being local to us we were intrigued. We lined up an interview (see film at the end of this feature!) and got tickets to see 'til Dusk perform in Broadlands. The first thing we saw of 'til Dusk was not them but their van which, whilst being useful, was not quite on the scale of Roger's.

As you can see the amount of equipment that Roger had dwarfed 'til Dusk's van completely. (Rose entering Broadlands)
We filmed an interview with 'til Dusk before the show and they looked a little nervous but prepared for what, I think, was their biggest crowd to date with five thousand people expected.

In this photo Tom looks very nervous - this was their first glimpse of the large crowd awaiting their arrival.

But whilst nervous before the show this did not come out onstage - they let their music carry them to the back of the crowd and drew people in.

‘til Dusk are a young band, only having been around a year and a half but have gained a slot supporting the legendary Roger Daltrey.  - Since we saw them we have also heard they have support slots lined up with Toploader and Status Quo.

I wanted to know what was so special about this band.

Well for starters, for such a young band 'til Dusk have an incredible sense of understanding of the music they play, which allows them to bring out their personalities in their playing.

I found ‘til Dusk's performance startlingly professional for the age of the band; as I said, they play like a unit with the band's mentality fully formed and dedicated to the music they play. Their music is rock but its not about the anger, it's music that’s designed to make you smile frown and dance anyway. With catchy guitar riffs backed by tight drums, a strong rhythmic bass-line, ambient keyboard, and enigmatic vocals, ‘til Dusk carry a potent mix of young talent and powered emotion that won’t fail to make you tap your feet and smile.

‘til Dusk have extraordinary emotional insight. This intangible quality is a force in their sound so real that you feel you can touch it when you are listening to them; it is felt in their music as it rides into your heart. The voice provides the drive for their music guiding the band away from clichés and into their own sound.It's a sound that stays with you; a sound to grow.

I can tell why they were supporting; they drew in a large crowd and hyped the crowd for Roger Daltrey. The cloud cover lifted; it was a glorious view in the beautiful Broadlands grounds with the sun shining onto the stage. 'til Dusk set the mood perfectly for Roger to come on and blow away an excited audience. Its important to say ‘til Dusk have star quality, they seem to be prepared and confident about tackling the industry head on with their strong sound.


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