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AMERICAN: The Bill Hicks Story - legendary comedian and musician - behind the scenes interview

American: The Bill Hicks story interview with Steve Hicks, Matt Harlock, Paul Thomas and Vince Fluck. St Pauls Lifestyle.


There was much to Bill Hicks.

Not only was Bill Hicks a legendary comedian, he was also a talented musician.

This is seen in how he worked and the film AMERICAN: The Bill Hicks Story documents this. This was also demonstrated in our interview with Matt Harlock and Paul Thomas - who directed and produced the film - as well as Steve Hicks, Bill’s brother. Vince Fluck who has himself been hugely influenced by Bill was also at the interview. It was a lot of fun, heartwarming and touching - that interview is here:

As emerged in the interview, Bill Hicks approached his work much the way a jazz musician approaches his music. And similarities don't end there - check out this great tattoo adorning the thigh of one of his fans:

Everyone was mesmerized by the tattoo.

Here are some backstage pictures of the interview being put together at Bill Hicks' 50th birthday celebration at the Roxy Bar.

                    (Above: Vince on L and Matt on R)                                      (Above: Vence, L and Matt, R) (Above: Vince and Bill; two men inextricably linked)

Rose discussed the differences of Bill's life on and off stage.

(Above: Vince, L and Matt, R)

Matt and Paul told Rose about the people they've met and how they were influenced by Bill.

                    (Above L to R: Vince, Matt, Paul)

They described how Bill's hopes translated into anger and fustration.

(Above L to R: Vince, Matt, Paul)

They spoke about how Bill took the darkest of subject matter and made it fun, how he leveled out his work from anger going into silliness.

And here is Steve Hicks with Rose:


Bill Hicks, legendary comedian, musician, social commentator, lover and dearly beloved, Happy 50th Birthday. RIP. 


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