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Beauty on the Cello: Takenobu

Check out Takenobu and his beautiful cello performances. Read more here.

Nick Takenobu Ogawa, better known by his middle name Takenobu, meaning Iron Will in Japanese is a musician with an otherworldly sound. Although his name and ancestral origin are Japanese, Takenobu grew up in Vermont, and took up the cello aged 6. His style is ethereal, haunting, yet ultimately beautiful, as his excellent voice accompanies his masterful cello performance.

Although he was trained classically, when he was 18 he began to explore the possibilities in other genres such as bluegrass and the blues. However, it was when he was 20 and living with his father in the beautiful city of Kyoto in Japan that Takenobu managed to teach himself to sing and play the cello, which would become the skill for which he is famed.

He is a capable and extraordinary musician with a unique sound, and you can find one of his records here.

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